Is all that fancy cleaning product worth it?

Is all that fancy cleaning product worth it? Does steam cleaning make a difference? We can certainly say it makes a difference to its life span. You may have heard the adage that a carpet will only last 10 years, not with modern technology and regular cleaning. Regular at home cleaning helps to maintain color, shine, texture, and quality of carpeting, veneer, and hardwood! All flooring requires some amount of at home maintenance along with deep, restorative cleans and repairs through its life. At Goldman we are always looking to improve the customer’s experience, so we’ve curated tips and tricks of the trade to help you with your flooring maintenance. Cleaning for all types of flooring, when to think about repairs, how often to deep clean; at Goldman, we give care for your home.

Do’s and don’ts of hardwood cleaning! Establish a cleaning routine to maintain that shine, and learn which household cleaners do more harm than good.

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It’s important to continue regular cleaning habits to keep your home as safe and comfy as possible. By following an everyday cleaning schedule in addition to deep cleanings as needed, you can extend the life of your furniture and flooring. Looking for the right routine to maintain your home furnishings? Whether it’s debris scratching your flooring or oversaturating upholstery during spring cleaning, there’s easy ways to get a little enthusiastic in your work. Check out our featured articles on how to clean and manage messes in your home, along with deep cleaning tips for the stubborn spots. 

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  • Identify daily, weekly, and irregular cleaning patterns in your home, separate or group them as works for your schedule.
  • Try a new way of cleaning something, you might find a time saver.
  • Don’t forget the curtains, they can hold as many allergens as your carpet.
  • Are you the type to jump in and get the cleaning over with, or do you plan your perfect approach? Play to your strengths!
  • Try music or a podcast to stay motivated, you never have to redo a job well done.
  • Always make sure you have all the supplies you need before you start.

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