Is the flooring you have right for you?

How can you make sure the flooring in your home functions and serves you in the highest possible way? Is the flooring you have right for you? The floors in your home are one of the things you interact with the very most. Tailoring your flooring to your own personal functionality and quality of life can be life-changing, and may not even require replacement! What kind of maintenance and repair could be the key to your at-home happiness? What floorings are most functional for kids, pets, or people with allergies? We’ve collected a database of information to help you curate your perfect living experience and bring the most ease you’ve ever had, both caring for your home and living in it! 

Do you have carpets and love them, or not want to go through the hassle of replacing them, but they’re giving you trouble with your allergies? These are the best tips to keep your carpeted home free of allergens and keep you breathing easy!

Are you experiencing allergies and have decided replacing your flooring is the best option for you? This is an easy and useful list of options that are perfect for keeping you completely allergy free!

Are you struggling to keep your home free of pet hair? Do you vacuum tirelessly and still seem to find hairy gifts from your furry friends on your floors? Here are some tips to battle the hair and focus your attention on giving the special animal in your life more love! 

-This article is specific to carpet owners (and includes some pretty cute pup photos).

-This is an article that is specifically for keeping hardwood floors free of pet hair (and includes some pretty adorable photos of cats!).

-These are some tips on how to keep every surface in your home pet hair free!

Do you have a little one (or two or three) that can never seem to take their shoes off when they come in the door? Do you or your partner or spouse have a job that gets you just dirty enough that something always ends up on the floor no matter what you do? These are some tips on how to handle daily stains and keep your floors looking their best for years to come! 

Do you have laminate floors you aren’t exactly sure how to keep stain-free? This article has come to the rescue!

Are your pitted vinyl floors always somehow still dirty after you mop them? Here are some tips to get them looking like new again.

Are your tile floors stained beyond hope and you’re losing yours? This article will help you bring your tile floors back to their original glory in no time!

-Have you experienced the frustration of mopping a floor and not having them come clean? This article details how to mop your floors in the most efficient and effective way so half-clean floors are a thing of your past!

-This article covers how to remove stains from both carpet and fabric, so whether your carpet or rugs are the victims, you can handle it!

These are some quick and easy stain removal tricks for whatever type of flooring you have that you can use in a pinch without any stress.

-Here are some quick and easy tips you and your family can incorporate into your routine that will help you keep your floors looking beautiful!

Have you noticed that your carpets tend to get dirtier quicker right after you clean them or have them cleaned? This blog post demystifies the getting-dirty process and helps you keep your carpets looking brand-new after having them cleaned for as long as possible!

The space you live in contributes to your physical, mental and emotional health more than anything. This blog post explains the benefits of each type of flooring and how they will incorporate into the life you have or the life you want!

Whatever type of flooring you have, whatever you struggle with in your home, you can find a way to keep your home looking and feeling exactly the way you want it to. Remember to: 

-Consider what type of flooring is best for your lifestyle

-Implement quick and easy habits to save yourself work and time

-Make sure to prioritize your own peace of mind

-Look to sources you trust to help you when you aren’t sure what to do next