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Oregon Coast Dryer Vent Cleaning Does your dryer take longer to dry things than it used to? Are energy bills climbing slowly? Your dryer vent could need a blowout to reset it back to normal. Dryer vents are a primary suspect in our cleaning lineup, and our technicians have years of experience quickly and safely cleaning out any concerns you may have. In our modern world, it’s easy to forget about the dryer vent accumulating the fluff pulled in over time. Those with furry pets naturally see an increase in lint and hair in their dryer. A yearly check and or clean of your dryer vent is all you need to ensure your house is safe and functioning well for you. Dryer vent cleaning is a nonintrusive, swift process we can normally complete in a single day for your convenience. Our technicians value your home and personal space, and with gentle care, they make sure the cleaning is thorough and to our customer’s expectations for every job. Goldman Carpet Care is in business for your home’s care. Here are some of the many benefits a clean dryer vent can offer your home:

  • Save on energy costs of your appliance
  • Improve overall performance and dry your clothes faster
  • Protect your house against a leading cause of house fires
  • Reduce miscellaneous repairs and extend the life of your dryer
Whether you just moved into your house or don’t know when the last time your dryer vent was cleaned was, you can call us for a free quote for your consideration. Things you can look out for at home are as simple as your dryer overheating, either the room it stays in, or overly hot clothes. Any burning smells while running your dryer should be investigated, you can even feel if the airflow is weak from any external vent if it is reachable. We also offer consultations to give you, the homeowner, a closer look into the inner workings as to better plan any cleaning you may want to pursue in the future. We are happy to say our dryer vent cleaning and consultation services are available in the greater coastal south Tillamook and Lincoln county area. We at Goldman are excited to meet new people and bring our quality-focused work to more homeowners. Call our friendly staff to learn about current offers and for answers to any of your questions. Take care of your home and family confidently, having experts on a call with help and support. Goldman Carpet Care offers service all up and down the Oregon coast from Astoria to Lincoln City and beyond. we know how taxing the beach environment can be on your home’s vents. Call Goldman Carpet Care today for a free quote on your next dryer vent cleaning.  Call (503) 930-7261 for a free quote or see what offers are available!

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